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Property Management in Windsor, Ontario

We’ve met thousands of landlords who are frustrated with the same old property management firms

We’re forward thinking, faster and more proactive than traditional property management firms in Windsor!

Experience is everything! Before you make your choice, make sure they know the business inside out. Rent4All was founded in 2003.


Our founder Paul Rouillard is a licensed Real estate Agent. Licensed and founded Rent4All Property Management in 2003. We also have a handful of qualified REALTORS who want to earn your business and help you grow your portfolio.  We even give you 15% of our commissions if you purchase your investment with one of our agents. This is applied to your account and you can use it for renovations, managements fees etc…


We have no hidden fees! Other competitors charge you for hidden fees under $200! If you don’t monitor your property daily, you’ll face thousands in fees. We will never bill you for something unless you approve it first. If the job requires more than 1 hour of labour, we obtain quotes for your approval.


Our property management contracts are only 90 days termination. That means if you terminate your agreement you won’t be charged for a full year like some of our competitors do.


We don’t mark up our renovation projects or emergencies like some of our competitors do. WE MEAN THIS! Some of them make a living doing this. We know this because we receive weekly complaints from landlords who are being cheated! Don’t get a ridicules $5000 quote because you had a plumbing leak. We’ll get you 2-3 quotes and you’ll work and negotiate with the plumber yourself. No “INSIDE” jobs. You choose the contractors cheapest quote. 


We are leasing pros! Trained and powered by licensed professionals, we know how to rent your property smoothly. PLUS, we don’t make a profit from collecting applications like some of our competitors. We’ll help secure your new tenants and get everything ready for move in day.


All of our leasing properties are posted directly on and the MLS system. This gives you the absolute best exposure with minimal risk from high risk tenants.


We own Windsor’s largest RENT FIND facebook group. Join us! Click For, Rent, For Sale Windsor. 100’s of comments from tenants. We provide LIVE videos of our listings and more. We usually rent our listings within hours of posting on our page.  

Visit our Listings Website. Click HERE


You'll receive the most powerful tool for landlords today!
Keep all of your information in one place. Our online system allows you to track day to day progress with real LIVE chats and updates.

Monitor billing, rent rolls, emergencies, renovations, contacts and more with just a few clicks of a button.


Real Estate Investing

Our founder Paul Rouillard is a licensed REALTOR since 2003. The year was founded. Paul works exclusively with investments and has clients globally seeking and selling investments.

Property Management Windsor

Professional Property Management. We manage your property with extreme care. We also have several packages to help landlords.

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Leasing Agent Packages

We offer a professional leasing package for landlords. Let us do the work and it costs less than one month rent!

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