Renting Your Property Just Got Easy!

Renting Your Property Just Got Easy!

We are the next generation tool for all landlords alike. Our sophisticated systems were first introduced in 2003. Since then, we've been strengthening our systems to keep bad tenants out!


Place your rental listing for FREE!


Choose between our Basic FREE listing and a professional listing.


Find your potentially quality tenant and use our proven digital application system, screening, credit check, good / bad tenant database, digital lease signing and first and last months rent collection services or do it yourself, FREE!


Report your tenant if they are good / bad so they are in the system forever! Don't allow another bad tenant cheat another landlord, ever!  

Featured Properties

1310 Pierre
For Rent
$ 600
Windsor Essex County

Organization PRO

With a PRO listing you'll receive the most powerful tool for landlords today! Keep all of your information in one place. Our online system allows you to track day to day progress with real LIVE chats and updates.
Monitor billing, rent rolls, emergencies, renovations, contacts and more with just a few clicks of a button.


Real Estate Investing

Our founder Paul Rouillard is a licensed REALTOR since 2003. The year was founded. Paul works exclusively with investments and has clients globally seeking and selling investments.

Property Management Windsor

Professional Property Management. We manage your property with extreme care. We also have several packages to help landlords.

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Leasing Agent Packages

We offer a professional leasing package for landlords. Let us do the work and it costs less than one month rent!

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