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Flat Fee Property Management Services in Windsor, Ontario

We want to earn your business!
Excellence Guaranteed

Windsor Ontario Property Management Services


We charge a simple FLAT FEE for property management services in Windsor, Ontario! This way, you'll always know how much you're being charged. 

Our Property Management team is knowledgeable, fun, organized and excellent with customer service.

Fun Presentation

Our property managers are dedicated to your needs. We offer our team incentives for keeping you happy and retaining your services and yet, we are still in many ways more affordable than our competition. This means that they want to earn your business. They want to retain your services and will listen to your needs. We are not a corporate heavy system. We are family driven and believe in family values. Our founding family still manages Property Management since 2003. Let us offer you an honest way of growing YOUR business/investment. Finding good tenants is key. Free advice for those who join our investment group. 



no hidden fees, no hidden mark ups

Contact us for detailed quoting.

Rent Collection

We collect the rent monthly. We are extremely strict with tenants and expect to be paid rent on the 1st of each month.

Work Orders and Maintenance

We handle every type of emergencies and also manage major renovations.

Real Estate Services

We own a real estate firm and deal with investment real estate every day. We have hundreds of investor clients.

Landlord and Tenant Board Prep and Advice

We understand how the LTB works and how the tribunal is handled. We can help you prep for your case.


We handle every type of evictions. We have the experience to come up with uniques ways of terminating tenancies.

Automatic Bank Transfers

Our system automatically deposits into your bank account.

Legal Forms and Evictions

We know and understand all legal forms and procedures.

Routine Inspections

We offer routine inspections of your units.

24hr on Call for Emergencies

We are always on call. 365 days a year.

Day to Day Management

We handle all of the day to day property management without any extra or hidden fees that many other property management companies hide.  

Rent Increases

We automatically increase the rent on our units yearly.

Fire Safety Inspections

We offer fire inspections twice per year.

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