Why We're Different?
The reason is our staff!
Let our dedicated and professional staff help you run your
investment properties like the business it is!

Our team is knowledgeable, fun, organized and excellent with customer service.

Our staff earns revenue from every source of income our company produces and yet, we are still in many ways more affordable than our competition. This means that they want to earn your business. They want to retain your services and will listen to your needs. We are not a corporate heavy system. We are family driven and believe in family values.


Property Management Windsor, Ontario

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What else is included in our Property Management services?

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Management from 0%-10% depending on the services you require.

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Windsor, Ontario Property Management

We offer Property Management services in Windsor, Ontario. We’ve been servicing property management in Windsor over 15 years. We understand and know all of the rules, regulations and the landlord and tenant board extremely well.  We’ve encountered every situation possible.
We believe strongly that communication in the property management business is the key. We keep our investors informed through every single process. We want to grow the portfolios of our clients.

We offer Real Estate, Renovations, Leasing and Property Management services


Thanks for visiting our website. I founded Rent4All back in 2003. That’s also the year I received my Real Estate License. I worked extremely hard and dug myself out of a horrible economy through the years. I’ve learned the meaning of business and how important it is to investors like the both of us. I understand expenses and I’ve learned ways to avoid them in the property management business. I believe in helping people. I’m a people person! Let my team prove this to you. We are ready to help you build your investment portfolio.

Join Our Investment Properties WINDSOR Facebook Group.

This is a private Windsor investor group. In order to join you will need to speak with Paul Rouillard – Broker of Record/REALTOR over the phone or in person.

  • We help to connect our investors and help all of our portfolios grow. We’ll be posting listings, pocket listings and other Real Estate Windsor information.
  • Paul Rouillard – Broker of Record/REALTOR manages several large real estate portfolios. Contact Paul for your next purchase and sale.

Join Our For Rent, For Sale WINDSOR Facebook Group.

  • 9400 members seeking rental properties.
  • We post listings daily and manage the page every moment of the day.


Put a Sticker on your Door and get LANDLORD PROTECTED!


How We Manage Properties

We are Property Management innovators. Meaning, we understand the value of making a profit when it comes to Property Management in Windsor, Ontario. We pass these profits on to our clients so they can purchase more investments.
We strongly believe that our tenants are the centre of our business. We treat them well. Most tenants know us by our names and we make it a point to let them know their value. Without tenants, not even the investor has a business. A happy tenant pays and if they don’t we are serious about collection.
Communication is our specialty. We designed a website to help our clients stay informed. Being in business is about making calculated decisions. We want out investors to grow so it gives us an opportunity to grow as well. This is our tool www.247Landlord.com.
We are family. Family owned and operated. We treat our staff with the same respect as our brothers and sisters. We keep a healthy and happy environment around the office. We are serious, but we love to have fun. We understand the importance a happy workplace which truly reflects in how we manage.


Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover for property management?

We offer property management services for Windsor, Ontario only, however we offer leasing services throughout Ontario.

What if my property is already managed?

Switching from you current property management service is simple – contact one of our managing agents to discuss the service that is most suitable to you needs.

Call or send an email to your existing managing agents informing them of your termination/withdrawal and we’ll do the rest. Have your account documentation transferred and have you set up and your property under management.

Most management contacts have a 3 month expiration date from the the start date – check contract agreement.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel later?

All Rent4All services are provided on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

The minimum period of our appointment to manage the property is three months. Either party giving three months notice to the other can terminate the management service after this period.

How are floats managed?

Floats are held in a dedicated client account in escrow for landlords to pay for works carried out at their properties. However, funds are not paid over to contractors until works are completed and to a satisfactory standard.

Who will look after my property?

You’ll be assigned to a dedicated Managing Agent who will be looking after your property and on-hand to offer you their expert knowledge in residential property management.

How will tenants know who to contact?

Your managing agent will contact your tenants to introduce themselves and advising them of who they will need to contact should they have any queries relation to the property.

Who are your contractors?

We only use a very select pool of contractor from the industry’s best. This ensure efficiency, quality and the ability to cover all areas of London.

All of the contractor that we use hold public liability and Indemnity Insurances up to $2 million.

What if I have my own contractors?

If you have your own contractors that you’ve used for years and would prefer to use, that’s fine, we can work with them too.

Who can I speak to if I have more questions?

You can give us a call on 519-258-3966 or email us on info@rent4all.ca and we’ll be happy to help.


Join Our Investment Properties WINDSOR Facebook Group.

  • We help to connect our investors to help all of our portfolios grow. We’ll be posting listings, pocket listing and other information. Visit page for more information.

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