Sandwich is NAMED! FINALLY!!!

Sandwich Town finally gets a name! Why not it’s been around for over a few hundred years. It also played a significant role in west and downtown Windsor.
For several decades it’s been home to several thousand students every single year. It’s home to local bars and restaurants and shops.

it’s about time that they recognize this area and I think it won’t go unnoticed especially now that the New bridge Crossing is west of this location.

The only downfall that this area has is that it lost its only grocery store. This is terrible news! It’s not inviting to new students either. Hopefully in the next coming years another grocery food chain will pick up a location here since it’s badly needed! it’s the only thing that this area is missing at this moment. Other than that I feel it’s a great area for student rentals and rental properties

Paul Rouillard 

Real Estate Broker of Record



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