Paralegal for Landlords

We truly are a ONE STOP SHOP for landlords.

Need help? Call our 24/7 HOT LINE.  It’s FREE when you’re a PAY AS YOU GO landlord. See here.

877-877-2535 HOT LINE

If we can’t help you for free, we have a team of paralegals ready to hear your case. Before we send anything to our paralegals our experienced team will hear your case and send you to the appropriate TRUSTED paralegal. Most cases do not need a paralegal, they just need guidance.

Call us for all of your landlord legal concerns. We know this business from bottom to top.


Here is a list of Paralegal’s in Windsor

Verified – Means that we’ve done business with them and like their work.
Unverified – Means that we’ve never done any business with them and not sure if we like their work.

Jon Sparling, Paralegal in Windsor – Verified!
Bill Parrott, Paralegal in Windsor – Verified!


For Paralegals

Why we do it? Many of our clients live hours from their investment property. We give our clients the opportunity to work with individuals who are TRIED AND TESTED! 

We have a ROTATING LEAD list. If you’re next, you get the call. We also have an office where the tribunals are held for easy access.

Steps to Verification

It’s simple. Do business with us and let us trust you. As soon as we trust you, you’re verified. It’s FREE! It’s a service for our clients. Contact us click here



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