YES! If we can do it, so can you… Even in this market. 

Recently I’ve partnered and become great friends with a client of mine. We’ve been in and out of hundreds of properties. fighting multiple offers and simply pounding the pavement! We decided to switch gears and found a fix and flip property in Windsor. Together, we calculated this project. It made sense so we ran with it. We purchased, renovated then sold it all in 2 months. 

In this market, you have to be a full time Buyer or work with a full time dedicated Buying Agent to find the deals. You must be prepared and ready to strike. You have to be ready to close the deal within a few hours from the moment you first saw the listing pop up. 

That’s half the battle. Then you must be sure you can profit once you fix the property and sell it. For this, either yourself or your agent must be experienced with this type of investment. If you’re working with an agent who’s never done it, move on! 

PURCHASE PRICE: $100,000.00

RENOVATIONS: $10,000.00

SOLD PRICE: $147,000.00

Here’s the listing we PURCHASED

Here’s the listing we SOLD


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