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Sandwich is NAMED! FINALLY!!!

Posted by Paul Rouillard REALTOR on December 6, 2018

Sandwich Town finally gets a name! Why not it’s been around for over a few hundred years. It also played a significant role in west and downtown Windsor.For several decades it’s been home to several thousand students every single year. It’s home to local bars and restaurants and shops. it’s about time that they recognize this area and I think it won’t go unnoticed especially now that the New bridge Crossing is west of this
BRIAN CROSSUpdated: July 9, 2018 A proposed policy giving homeowners the right to convert basements into rental units was unanimously endorsed by a council committee Monday, despite protests from a resident who predicted the slumification of core neighbourhoods. “I can see beautiful Victoria Avenue turning into a rental district, all those beautiful grand homes, one by one,” Caroline Taylor said, following a meeting of council’s planning, heritage and economic development standing committee. She spoke out
“If you want to create a secondary unit, it has to be done with a (building) permit, and it has to be safe.”BRIAN CROSSUpdated: July 6, 2018 The city is poised to make converting your basement into a legal apartment much, much easier. Proponents say this new secondary suites policy — if approved by council — could result in “great things,” including: Help address a severe shortage of affordable rental housing.Add residents to core areas
When real estate agents prepare offers for a house with a basement apartment, they typically insert a clause stating that “seller does not warrant retrofit status.” This results in the purchaser taking the risk of getting caught by city inspectors and having to vacate the unit and forfeit rental income. Agents and sellers seem to think they are sheltered from liability if they do not “warrant” the basement’s so-called retrofit status. This practice could end

We would like to welcome Eva Klys to our team!

Posted by admin on December 18, 2015

>>Back to Real Estate News and Flat Fee Listing Management We would like to welcome Eva Klys to our team! Click to see more.                  Eva Klys – Sales Representative 519-992-0778

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