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Posted by Paul Rouillard REALTOR on May 2, 2019

Now that RENT COLLECTION day is over! We wait for the last few tenants to come in and pay. Tomorrow we begin the N4 process. Non Payment of Rent. We usually always have a few handful of tenants who are always late. This is why it is crucial to always deliver an N4, because at some point we can evict the tenant with an N8 for being lately often. So now is the day to


Posted by Paul Rouillard REALTOR on May 2, 2019

Happy RENT COLLECTION DAY to all landlords! It’s a beautiful day today at Rent4All Property Management! Managing properties in Windsor since 2005.
FREE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT? YES! Just purchase your investment property in Windsor with our Real Estate Brokerage and we will pay for your property management for up to 5 months. That’s 5 month no fees management on your property.
We just had a new landlord visit our office today. He has several vacancies and wanted to use our leasing services but did not need property management services. So we calculated his total costs with his student rentals and analyzed his numbers for him. It actually made more sense to do full property management that includes his leasing so he can concentrate on just building his portfolio since he does his own property management.  If you’re
The Sood family was trying to keep quiet its plans to build hundreds of heritage-style homes on derelict former industrial lands bridging Walkerville and Ford City, but already half of the 12 brownstones proposed for Walker Road are pre-sold.BRIAN CROSS Updated: June 13, 2017 Anuj Sood, manager with Champion Products, holds an architectural rendering of a proposed townhouse development along Walker Road. There will be between 200 and 250 units, including condos, townhomes and houses

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